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Because our clients needs are always associated with specific context, constraints, and stakes, they are UNIQUE. We always respond by a clear technical and financial proposal for Taylor-made services.

American Multinational Leader in Refrigerating Systems

Support of the corporate EHS audit team, for the integration audit of a large manufacturing plant, recently acquired. The objectives were to assess the site compliance with 1) the French applicable regulations, 2) the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, and 3) the corporate procedure. Assignment was to cover part of the audit, provide regulatory references and local context information, interface between corporate and site for the  validation of findings.   

European Multinational Leader of Compression Systems

As part of a potential acquisition, due diligence audit de due diligence, on 2 production sites located in North and South of France. Dataroom review, on-site visit, and reporting. Assistance of the Top Management  during preliminary discussions préliminaires with the vendor an American  multinational.


As part of a technical assignent from one of its client, a real estate development agency, Coraval has chosen Practicway to carry out a critical review (XPER as per the French standards X31-620-2) of a soil and groundwater assessment study carried out a few years ago by another consultant. The objectives were to assess validity and adequacy with respect to current context, to determine lacks and limits, and to propose an additional investigations plan to have to have a relevant knowledge of the current site context  for its proper redevelopment.

French Car Manufacturer

Participation to the soil and groundwater contamination assessment update of a major production site, located in Eastern Europe, twenty year after having conducted the environmental due diligence audit, in 1999. Assignment included site visit, review of site activities, process, and settings changes, review of remediation works completed, update of potential and existing area of concern, and proposal for an additional site investigations program.


Design of a several training modules in Project Management, Contaminated Site Management, Regulatory Watch, Integrated Management Systems for students and professionals. Definition of the objectives, content and learned assessment method. Facilitation of the sessions, evaluation and pedagogic follow-up of the attendees.


Preparation of an 8h training module about haealth and safety at work stakes for management. The objectifs were, through real case, to develop awareness of the stakes and of the civil and penal risk, and to provide « tips and tricks » to avoid drifts and change staff behavior.


Practicway intervened to assist the WSP/Golder French team on several projects to bring specific skills and expertsie. As part of the scope of work of the assignments, Practicway insured skills and knowledge transfer to the project team involved..

French Consultancy

Assistance for the response to a bid from international financing body for a project in Asia. Definition of the strategic and tehnical approach, of the scope of work and  resources requirements, and allocation of role and responsibilities  (including those of local partner).

DEKRA Industrial

For this technical inspection company, needing to carry out a pre-sale site assessment in Italy, for one of its clients, selection and follow-up of a subcontractor for on-site assistance and regulatory review : joint definition, RFP and proposal review, interface and liaison for on-site intervention, quality follow-up. 

SUEZ RR IWS Remediation

Post-acquisition environmental site assessment of a manufacturing site, of a leader in Tire production, located in in Germany with the assistance of a local specialist. Definition of the scope in line with client requirements, project coordination, review and  validation of the report before delivery. Participation to the debriefing meeting with the management of the company recently acquired. 

American Pharmaceutical Group

Carry out a corporate follow-up audit of a major production site located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The objectives were to assess the site compliance with 1) the French applicable regulations, 2) the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, 3) the corporate procedure, and 4) to assess progress of the improvement action plan. Assignment was also to cover part of the audit, provide regulatory references and local context information.

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