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PRACTICWAY can help you!

We deliver practical and operational solutions, only

We bring an appropriate response to your needs and expectations

With services adapted to your specific context and stakes


Protect environment and assets, and manage liabilities for sustainable development and sustainability of your organization


Ensure physical and mental integrity of staff, and create an optimized working environment for well-being of all employees


Achieve goal and objectives, within  planning and budget, at client satisfaction, for a successful project


Increase awareness, knowledge, and skills of management and staff at all level of organizations for better efficiency and performance

A recognized expertise

Philippe GERGELY, PRACTICWAY founder and CEO, has more than 35 years of experience serving internationally recognized clients, to solve various type of issues, in the framework of complex and strategic projects. Specialized in risk and liabilities management, he permanently served clients to provide them with advices and solutions, which has led him to work for them in France but also abroad, in 35 different countries, on various issues that today  allow PRACTICWAY to offer a range of specialized services.

Pragmatism and practical solutions

Because your issues are associated with a specific context, and specific constraints and stakes (operational as well as finacial), they are UNIQUE. Therefore we deliver taylormade services adapted to your needs and expectations. We favor a pragmatic approach, to provide you with practical and operational solutions. Stay within schedule and budget is one of our priorities, in order to achieve your objectives and satisfy the ambitions of your organization. When necessary or to better serve you, our partner experts network with whom we work with confidence is always available to assist.

They work with us in confidence for good reasons

We work for various clients: small and medium size companies, multinational industrial companies, consulting companies, site remediation specialists (engineering or works), professional training actors, lawyers, etc. They choose us because they know that « we say what we will do, and do what we have said we will do » permanently adapting ourselves to context and situation changes, having permanent interactions with them, and bringing them a real added value. Our references talk for themselves.

We work everywhere you need us to be

We intervene wherever our clients need us to be. In France and worldwide. When and where needed we work with our network of local partners that we trust and respect.

A committed actor of sustainable development

Our business is about environment and people. Our decisions and actions today will be evaluated by future generations. We had to define a clear mission, based on strong humanist values.


Bring real added value to our clients by delivering simple and practical solutions, in line with their concrete needs, given their operational constraints, the associated stakes, and the specific context in which they operate.

Efficiently and sustainably contribute to the protection of the environment and of the people.

Share and transfer knowledge and know-how »

Philippe GERGELY




Because, without commitment, you cannot give the best of yourself or more simply respect the planning or deliver what you have to. Commitment is also taking our responsibilities, being reliable ans assume consequences. Commitment drives us to do the best we can.


Because, without integrity, everything is permitted. From our side as from that of our clients. We must keep our independence and act in all with honesty and transparency, and confidentiality.


Because, being a consultancy business, is serving our clients. Be « Client Focused » is listening to them, be available, responsive and proactive. To bring them something and make sense to what we do. For the good cause.


Because it guarantees quality and commitment to the results. And so commit to put the necessary means. Looking for excellence is often pushing your limits for the satisfaction of our clients and ourselves.


Because, without Respect, there is no Trust, nor Commitment, Excellence, or Service. Also because respect others is respecting ourselves. And what we do.


Because, without trust, we cannot obtain what we need to do our job, or even be assigned a project. Also because trust is earned, but never definitively acquired, and value us, providing satisfaction


We have developed a partner network in France and abroad, and can perform assignments in many countries of the world for our clients. Our experience has taught us how to find and select the appropriate partner or supplier with whom we can work in confidence. 

In France, we have a large professional network covering a wide range of professional sectors that we always use as part of our team for providing the best services to our customers. 

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